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Tricks & Treats
Tricks & Treats

One of Singapore’s celebrated chefs and the
author of 22 cookbooks writes here of the ups
and downs of her 1960s childhood in a
Singapore village, and of the eating delights
which punctuated it. One of seven siblings in a
very low income family, she tells of her mother’s
kitchen strategies, and the informal sharing of
both traditional delicacies and food basics with
neighbours of several ethnicities. The wood-fired
stoves, Belling cookers and stone grinders then
used are vividly described, as a few recipes for
remembered dishes are incorporated in the
informally written text. Here is savoury nostalgia
at its most delectable best.

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South Indian Cookbook
South Indian Cookbook

The South Indian Cookbook is one of the few
books featuring the rich traditions of a region
little known outside its culture. It features the
varied food of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh
and Tamil Nadu – the essence of South Indian
cuisine – and the food of the Jaffna Tamils of
Sri Lanka, making it one of the most complete
books on the subject.

More than 100 recipes are presented – from
soups and rasams to snacks and sweets and
healing foods to help ease minor discomforts
and quicken the process of recuperation.
Vegetarian and healthy alternatives to
traditional dishes are provided with easy steps
using modern-day conveniences. You will also
find tips for alternatives and notes for a
South Indian kitchen and pantry.

The South Indian Cookbook is a must-have
for any food lover.

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I am a Rice Cooker!
I am a Rice Cooker!

Being Asian, I cook rice almost every day!
This book is written with several people in
mind. The first are the budding and aspiring
chefs in culinary schools. I believe they will
find this book interesting and that it will
heighten their understanding of Asian culinary

The second group are people with a strong
visual sense—they will find the step-by-step
methods with photographs helpful. And finally,
this book will be useful to those who like
traditional Asian food.

I have learnt a lot in the course of my career
and have put together crucial Asian cooking
techniques to help you create delicious
traditional dishes. Most of the recipes are
easy to do; however, some may be culinary
challenges for you. Follow the step-by-step
photos and you will be a better chef at work
or at home. One more thing, incase you do not
know how to cook rice, I have shared a few
ways of cooking rice in this book, as after all
I am a Rice Cooker.

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