I am a Rice Cooker!

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Being Asian, I cook rice almost every day!
This book is written with several people in
mind. The first are the budding and aspiring
chefs in culinary schools. I believe they will
find this book interesting and that it will
heighten their understanding of Asian culinary

The second group are people with a strong
visual sense—they will find the step-by-step
methods with photographs helpful. And finally,
this book will be useful to those who like
traditional Asian food.

I have learnt a lot in the course of my career
and have put together crucial Asian cooking
techniques to help you create delicious
traditional dishes. Most of the recipes are
easy to do; however, some may be culinary
challenges for you. Follow the step-by-step
photos and you will be a better chef at work
or at home. One more thing, incase you do not
know how to cook rice, I have shared a few
ways of cooking rice in this book, as after all
I am a Rice Cooker.

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